October 12, 2019


Blessings folk!

The Lord now draws Job’s attention to a particular animal - Behemoth.

We do not know what animal this is.
Much conjecture/opinion has been offered, all with problems.
Just read the passage and give close attention to all the detail the Lord provides.
Then, note what the point is?

Job 40:15-24

“Behold, Behemoth,
which I made as I made you;
he eats grass like an ox.

Behold, his strength in his loins,
and his power in the muscles of his belly.

He makes his tail stiff like a cedar;
the sinews of his thighs are knit together.

His bones are tubes of bronze,
his limbs like bars of iron.

“He is the first of the works of God;
let him who made him bring near his sword!

For the mountains yield food for him
where all the wild beasts play.

Under the lotus plants he lies,
in the shelter of the reeds and in the marsh.

For his shade the lotus trees cover him;
the willows of the brook surround him.

Behold, if the river is turbulent he is not frightened;
he is confident though Jordan rushes against his mouth.

Can one take him by his eyes,
or pierce his nose with a snare?

It is clear that Behemoth was/is(?) a real animal.
From the river valleys to the mountains he roams.

“First of the works of God”?
Likely speaks to size…

God made Behemoth.
God made Job.
God pointed this out. Happy

Why was God drawing Job’s attention to Behemoth?

To ask a simple question.

Can someone take him?

The unstated answer is “no”.

God can.
Job can not.

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