“I Have Called You…”

November 8, 2019

“I Have Called You…”

Blessings folk!

Father’s Chosen One, His Servant, will bring forth justice.

Give heed to what Father says…

Isa 42:5-7

Thus says God the LORD,
Who created the heavens and stretched them out,
Who spread out the earth and its offspring,
Who gives breath to the people on it
And spirit to those who walk in it,

“I am the LORD, I have called You in righteousness,
I will also hold You by the hand and watch over You,
And I will appoint You as a covenant to the people,
As a light to the nations,

To open blind eyes,
To bring out prisoners from the dungeon
And those who dwell in darkness from the prison.

God the Lord:

  • Created the heavens
  • Stretched out the heavens
  • Spread out the earth
  • Spread out the earth’s “offspring”- vegetation.
  • Gives breath to people on the earth
  • Gives spirit to those who walk on the earth

God the Father:
  • Called “You” - the Servant, the Chosen One, (Jesus) in righteousness
  • Will hold You by the hand
  • Will watch over You
  • Appoints You
    • As a covenant to the people
    • Light to the nations
    • To open blind eyes
    • Release prisoners form dungeons/prisons

The Lord bring justice through the Lord Jesus Christ.

…to be continued…

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