"Praise, Thanks Deeds, Justice, Righteousness"

October 14, 2015

“Praise, Thanks, Deeds, Justice, Righteousness”

Blessings folk!

I have been drawn of late to Psalm 106…

Let us look at it…

Psa 106:1-3

Praise the LORD!
Oh give thanks to the LORD, for He is good;
For His lovingkindness is everlasting.
Who can speak of the mighty deeds of the LORD,
Or can show forth all His praise?
How blessed are those who keep justice,
Who practice righteousness at all times!

In all things we are to praise the Lord.
In all things we are to give thanks to the Lord.
Because He is good.
His lovingkindness is everlasting…without end…beyond measure.

The Psalmist acknowledges that no one is capable of speaking fully of the mighty deeds of the Lord.
No one can adequately declare forth the fullness of His praise.

Still, we praise.
Still, we give thanks.
Still, we speak of His mighty deeds.
Still, we show forth His praise.

Then this…

How blessed are those who keep justice.
How blessed are those who practice righteousness…at all times!

We are to be vessels of justice.
We are to live lives of justice.
We are righteous by our position as redeemed, true believers.
We are to manifest righteousness at all times in all things.

This is especially important in relation to the balance of the Psalm…as we will see.

For today…

  • praise the Lord
  • give thanks to the Lord
  • speak of the mighty deeds of the Lord
  • show forth the praise of the Lord
  • keep justice
  • practice righteousness
  • all, all the time