“God of the Rock”

November 9, 2018

“God of the Rock”

Blessings folk!

David continues to praise the Lord in song.

Note carefully all that is revealed in the verses that the Lord did for David.

2 Sa 22:47-49

“The LORD lives, and blessed be my rock;
And exalted be God, the rock of my salvation,

The God who executes vengeance for me,
And brings down peoples under me,

Who also brings me out from my enemies;
You even lift me above those who rise up against me;
You rescue me from the violent man.

David declares that the Lord lives.
He is not just “some fantasy god”.
He is real.
He is alive.

David blesses the Lord.
He declares that the Lord is his Rock, the Rock of his salvation.
David exalts the Lord.

  • the God who executes vengeance for David…and us
  • the God who brings down people under David
  • the God who delivers from enemies
  • the God who lifts us up above those who rise against us
  • the God who rescue from the violent

The Lord did all this for David.
The Lord was his Rock.

He will do the same for those who believe, who call upon Him, who are truly saved.

Have you believed…truly?
If so, rejoice, He will do battle for you.
He is our Rock.