“Protection and Victory Over the Enemy”

November 6, 2018

“Protection and Victory Over the Enemy”

Blessings folk!

We saw a great statement from David yesterday.
The Lord is the one who trains our hand/fingers for battle.
Continue to think on that…

We press on in David’s song unto the Lord…

2 Sa 22:36-39

“You have also given me the shield of Your salvation,
And Your help makes me great.

“You enlarge my steps under me,
And my feet have not slipped.

“I pursued my enemies and destroyed them,
And I did not turn back until they were consumed.

“And I have devoured them and shattered them, so that they did not rise;
And they fell under my feet.

The Lord protects us…he has given us the shield of His salvation.
The Lord exalts us…by His help.
The Lord enlarges our steps under us…He keeps our steps steady.
The Lord empowers us to…
- pursue enemies
- destroy enemies
- consume enemies
- devour enemies
- shatter enemies

All if we rest and trust in Him rather than in ourself and our ability.

So, in what/who do you trust?
What is your source of strength?
What is your protection?

Anything other than the Lord will fail and is reflective of a lack of faith.

Choose well.