“Betrayal Today”

December 14, 2017

“Betrayal Today”

Blessings folk!

Mar 14:10-11

Then Judas Iscariot, who was one of the twelve,
went off to the chief priests in order to betray Him to them.

They were glad when they heard this, and promised to give him money.
And he began seeking how to betray Him at an opportune time.

Think on this.

Judas was “one of the twelve”.
He was not an inferior disciple in status.
He was one of them.
He was called of the Lord.
He lived and travelled with Jesus.
He was as the others.
He heard all of Jesus’ teachings.
He saw the miracles, etc.

Yet something happened.

I believe that he sought to force Jesus’ hand.

Judas was more interested in the kingdom of the world rather than the Kingdom of God.
Things were not “moving fast enough” for him.

He decided to betray Jesus.
He did so, in his mind, to further Jesus’ agenda.

Know this.
God does not need our help!

So, Judas and the religionists worked a deal.

Judas would get the money he wanted…we learn later the price of a slave…and the religionists would get Jesus…to kill Him.

Judas began seeking the opportunity to betray Jesus.

The same occurs today.

Far too many “professing believers” (especially in “leadership&rdquoWinking have a heart of Judas and the religionists.

They seek their own desires.
They feign holiness and righteousness.
They fake the spiritual walk.

It can be seen everywhere.

Most would be amazed at the utter lack of prayer, Bible study, koinonia, seeking the mind of the Lord, exhortation, encouragement, etc in the “leadership” of the church.

Many (most?) are simply faking it for the salary.

Now is the time for repentance and seeking the Lord.
Now is the time to do the true work of the Kingdom.
Now is the time to reject the fraudulent busy-ness of the organizational institution.

A time is coming when all will be revealed.
The false will be uncovered.

Change before it is too late…