March 25, 2018


Blessings folk!

Jonathan and David finalized their plan.

David would stay away a few days.
Jonathan would observe the reaction of his dad, Saul.
Jonathan would report back David.

Read how he would “report”…

1Sa 20:18-23

Then Jonathan said to him,
“Tomorrow is the new moon, and you will be missed because your seat will be empty.

“When you have stayed for three days, you shall go down quickly and come to the place where you hid yourself on that eventful day, and you shall remain by the stone Ezel.

“I will shoot three arrows to the side, as though I shot at a target.

“And behold, I will send the lad, saying,
‘Go, find the arrows.’ If I specifically say to the lad, ‘Behold, the arrows are on this side of you, get them,’ then come; for there is safety for you and no harm, as the LORD lives.

“But if I say to the youth,
‘Behold, the arrows are beyond you,’ go, for the LORD has sent you away.

“As for the agreement of which you and I have spoken,
behold, the LORD is between you and me forever.”

They had to be careful.
Saul’s “eyes” were everywhere, perhaps even the “young lads”.

So, the arrows.

If the arrows fell short…near…then it is safe to draw near.
It would be safe to return to the house of the King.

If the arrows went far…beyond…then the Lord has sent David away.

David would be listening for Jonathan’s report.

Then Jonathan reminded David of the covenant between them.
A covenant between them forever.

They did not know exactly what was happening…
David was certain.
Jonathan was not…but was beginning to think that David was correct.