September 9, 2018


Blessings folk!

Tamar was devastated by what occurred to her.

She did not try to hide it.

She tore her long-sleeve garment, the sign of a virgin.
She placed ashes on her head.
She put her hands on her head and depart.
She cried as she went.


2 Sa 13:20

Then Absalom her brother said to her,
“Has Amnon your brother been with you?
But now keep silent, my sister, he is your brother; do not take this matter to heart.”
So Tamar remained and was desolate in her brother Absalom’s house.

Absalom, her brother, learned of the situation.
He inquired of Tamar.
She acknowledged.

Abasalom told her…

  • Keep silent…due to the fact that Amnon was her brother…familial things…
  • Do not take the matter to heart…do not let it bother you

Sounds cold.
Sounds callous.

But, as we will see, Absalom was beginning to work out a plan.

Tamar remained with Absalom.
She was desolate in her brother’s house.
She had somewhere to live.
She had shelter.
She had food.

She had no fellowship, much less relationship.

Oh, it get’s worse…