The Word: Episode 0651 Titus 2:1-4a


November 20, 2018


Blessings folk!

The anger of the Lord burned against Israel.
God’s anger incited David against Israel…he decided to number (count) Israel.
Joab and the military commanders knew it was wrong.
Joab questioned.
David stood fast.
The military went forth to number (some translations say “muster&rdquoWinking the people.

The account continues…

2 Sa 24:5-9

They crossed the Jordan and camped in Aroer,
on the right side of the city that is in the middle of the valley of Gad and toward Jazer.

Then they came to Gilead and to the land of Tahtim-hodshi,
and they came to Dan-jaan and around to Sidon,

and came to the fortress of Tyre and to all the cities of the Hivites and of the Canaanites,
and they went out to the south of Judah, to Beersheba.

So when they had gone about through the whole land,
they came to Jerusalem at the end of nine months and twenty days.

And Joab gave the number of the registration of the people to the king;
and there were in Israel eight hundred thousand valiant men who drew the sword,
and the men of Judah were five hundred thousand men.

This was a time-consuming, meticulously planned event.
It took 9 month and 20 days… 290 days.
Are the number of days significant?
I believe all that the Lord has given us in His Word is significant.
Do I know what the significance is?
Not at the moment… Happy

We see the staging areas.
They went forth and counted the men.

The outcome?
There were 800,000 valiant men who drew the sword in Israel.
There were 500,000 in Judah.
Interesting in that Israel consisted of ten tribes while Judah consisted of two…

King David received the information.
His response?
We will see tomorrow.
As we have previously preemptively stated, it is not good…

…to be continued..

The Word: Episode 0649 Titus 1:13-16


November 18, 2018


Blessings folk!

Now, for the list of the balance of “The 30”

Don’t just skim.

Take a moment and read the names aloud.

It is not so important to pronounce correctly.
It is important to take time to allow the Spirit to speak to us.

2 Sa 23:24-39

Asahel the brother of Joab was among the thirty;
Elhanan the son of Dodo of Bethlehem,

Shammah the Harodite, Elika the Harodite,

Helez the Paltite, Ira the son of Ikkesh the Tekoite,

Abiezer the Anathothite, Mebunnai the Hushathite,

Zalmon the Ahohite, Maharai the Netophathite,

Heleb the son of Baanah the Netophathite,
Ittai the son of Ribai of Gibeah of the sons of Benjamin,

Benaiah a Pirathonite, Hiddai of the brooks of Gaash,

Abi-albon the Arbathite, Azmaveth the Barhumite,

Eliahba the Shaalbonite, the sons of Jashen, Jonathan,

Shammah the Hararite, Ahiam the son of Sharar the Ararite,

Eliphelet the son of Ahasbai, the son of the Maacathite,
Eliam the son of Ahithophel the Gilonite,

Hezro the Carmelite, Paarai the Arbite,

Igal the son of Nathan of Zobah, Bani the Gadite,

Zelek the Ammonite, Naharai the Beerothite, armor bearers of Joab the son of Zeruiah,

Ira the Ithrite, Gareb the Ithrite,

Uriah the Hittite; thirty-seven in all.

We see individuals.
We see people groups.
We see roles/functions.
Yes, these are important.
Likely more important for Israel, but important none the less.

It is beyond the scope of this format, but much is to be learned/gleaned from following the names of people in the Word.

Give heed.

The Word: Episode 0648 Titus 1:7-13


November 17, 2018


Blessings folk!

The next several verses give us insight into the Mighty Men…detail about some, names of all.

2 Sa 23:20-23

Then Benaiah the son of Jehoiada, the son of a valiant man of Kabzeel,
who had done mighty deeds, killed the two sons of Ariel of Moab.
He also went down and killed a lion in the middle of a pit on a snowy day.

He killed an Egyptian, an impressive man.
Now the Egyptian had a spear in his hand, but he went down to him with a club and snatched the spear from the Egyptian’s hand and killed him with his own spear.

These things Benaiah the son of Jehoiada did,
and had a name as well as the three mighty men.

He was honored among the thirty, but he did not attain to the three.
And David appointed him over his guard.

Mighty men do mighty deeds.
They kill the enemy.
They kill animal threats.
They do not back down even when “out-weaponed”.
They do deeds of honor.

Benaiah was such a man, though he did not attain to the three.
Mighty none the less.

David appointed him over his guard…protector.

We, as True Believers, are empowered to do mighty deeds.
We are Mighty Men in the Spirit.
Live as such.

The Word: Episode 0647 Titus 1:5-10

“Abishai: Commander of the 30”

November 16, 2018

“Abishai: Commander of the 30”

Blessings folk!

The next two verses give us some additional insight into the “Mighty Men”.

There were 30 Mighty Men.
There were 3 “mightier” then the 30.
Were they part of the 30 or were they in addition?
Uncertain at the moment…

The 30 had a leader…

2 Sa 23:18-19

Abishai, the brother of Joab, the son of Zeruiah, was chief of the thirty.
And he swung his spear against three hundred and killed them,
and had a name as well as the three.

He was most honored of the thirty, therefore he became their commander;
however, he did not attain to the three.

Abishai…you remember him from previous Scripture…was the chief of the the 30.
He killed 300 at one time, apparently alone.
He “had a name as well as the three”…but he did not attain to the three.
He was the most honored of the 30.
He was the commander of the 30.

Yet, he did not attain to the three.

Sounds like “the three” are outside the 30.

More to come…

The Word: Episode 0646 Titus 1:5-10

“Craving Water”

November 15, 2018

“Craving Water”

Blessings folk!

2 Samuel 23 gives us insight into the Mighty Men of David.

These verses “flash-back” to an earlier time.

2 Sa 23:13-17

Then three of the thirty chief men went down and came to David in the harvest time to the cave of Adullam, while the troop of the Philistines was camping in the valley of Rephaim.

David was then in the stronghold, while the garrison of the Philistines was then in Bethlehem.

David had a craving and said, “Oh that someone would give me water to drink from the well of Bethlehem which is by the gate!”

So the three mighty men broke through the camp of the Philistines, and drew water from the well of Bethlehem which was by the gate, and took it and brought it to David.
Nevertheless he would not drink it, but poured it out to the LORD;

and he said, “Be it far from me, O LORD, that I should do this.
Shall I drink the blood of the men who went in jeopardy of their lives?”
Therefore he would not drink it.
These things the three mighty men did.

David was at the cave in Adullam…fleeing from the King…Saul…his father-in-law.
The Philistines were in the Vally of Rephaim…Giants.

This is important…David had a craving.
Ever had a craving?
They will often get us in trouble.
Craving…food, material things, power, passion, etc. etc.

David was craving a drink of cool water from the well of Bethlehem.
He vocalized his craving.

What did the three might men do?
They went and fetched the water.
They broke through the camp of the Philistines.
They drew the water.
They took the water.
They brought the water to David.

What did David do?
He did not drink it.
He poured it out to the Lord.

He did not want to “drink the blood of the men who went in jeopardy of their lives” to get the water.

David offered it unto the Lord…I think as a sin offering.

David realized that his selfish craving could have cost them their lives.
He realized that he needed to be careful in what he spoke.

These were they type of things the Mighty Men did.

The Lord has empowered every true believer to be a “Mighty Man” in the Spirit.

Are we living as such?