“Giving Selah”

January 15, 2022

“Giving Selah”

Blessings folk!

We are to give…

- give yourself
- by the grace of God
- in abundance of joy
- overflowing in generosity
- according to our means
- beyond our means
- of our own accord
- in support of fellow believers/saints
- complete it
- excel
- it is an act of grace…grace from the Lord
- as the Lord leads
- readily
- with what we have, not what we do not have
- not a burden
- an ease
- supplying the need of others
- others fulfilling our need
- fairness…”as it is written”
- with zeal
- with planning
- sharing the zeal with OneAnother as a source of encouragement and exhortation
- help others, beginning with the household of faith
- honor a commitment…with zeal
- prepare in advance
- set aside regularly in preparation
- give willingly
- encourage and exhort OneAnother
- refuse to participate in exaction…either mandating or responding to a mandate
- in thanksgivings to God
- in thanksgivings for OneAnother

This is so different from what is experienced in most organizational religious gatherings.

So many make demands.
Mandates. Dictates.
Literal orders.
I know of several that dictate that “if you are ‘in leadership’, then you must give ten-percent”.
Such is not the way of the Lord.

And we wonder why we are often lacking?

It is because we trust our abilities to create rather than trust God and His ability.

Repent of such.

There is much more.
The Proverbs say much about resources, giving, etc.

For today, take all we have learned before the Lord.
Ask Him to reveal what He desires to do in/through you.
Then rejoice in living the life of freedom and liberty of giving.

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