"Give Thanks"

March 22, 2010

“Give Thanks”

Blessings Folk!

We arrive at the end of the song of David found in 2 Samuel/Psalm 18.

It is a Word for us today.

David had recounted what had occurred in his life and how God had moved.

His final response?

To praise the Lord.
To worship the Lord.
To give thanks unto the Lord.
He does so “among the heathen”.

2 Samuel 
47 The LORD liveth; and blessed be my rock; and exalted be the God of the rock of my salvation.
 48 It is God that avengeth me, and that bringeth down the people under me.
 49 And that bringeth me forth from mine enemies: thou also hast lifted me up on high above them that rose up against me: thou hast delivered me from the violent man.
 50 Therefore I will give thanks unto thee, O LORD, among the heathen, and I will sing praises unto thy name.
 51 He is the tower of salvation for his king: and sheweth mercy to his anointed, unto David, and to his seed for evermore.

Never forget that the Lord lives.
It is in Him that we live and breathe and have our very being.

Many professing believers forget this.
They place their trust in man.
They place their trust in government.

David knew better.
So should we.

Much of the church today sees its role as working “hand in glove” with government.
This is a grave error.
History has proved such.

Therefore, we must do what David did.

Acknowledge that the Lord lives.
He is our Rock.
He is to be exalted.

The Lord will avenge.
The Lord will bring down “the people.”

Today, give thanks to the Lord.
That which is occurring will bring glory to Him, if will allow.

As to the political issue of the day, undoubtedly the “health care reform/health insurance reform” or whatever lie of a title is used will destroy the quality of medicine that we experience. It will continue the destruction of the nation. This is not conjecture. It has been proven in multitude of countries around the world.

This is nothing new.
We are simply reaping the fruit of things that occurred in 1910, 1913, 1930’s, 1960’s, etc. (If you no not of that which I refer, study to show yourself approved)

I see good coming from this.

I see a world that will turn to the Lord for healing.
Maybe even those in the church will turn to the Lord first for healing rather than to the answer of man. (Now calm down...I’m not against medicine. I thank the Lord for that which He has revealed. But, it must be acknowledged that most turn to medicine initially without a thought of inquiring of the Lord.)

I see a world where folk understand how economics based upon the Word works.

I see folk turning to the Lord to restore them from evil.

The Lord told His people long ago what would happen if they chose to follow anyone else rather than Him.

An example.

The people demanded a king.
The Lord sent the prophet to tell them what would happen if He granted a king.
(Read the passage below if time allows)

When we turn from the Lord, we should not be surprised at what we receive.


  • trust in the Lord and rejoice in Him
  • give thanks
  • repent
  • confess
  • turn to the Lord

Pray especially for…
  • Lynsi
  • Steve


1 Samuel 8
 1 And it came to pass, when Samuel was old, that he made his sons judges over Israel.
 2 Now the name of his firstborn was Joel; and the name of his second, Abiah: they were judges in Beersheba.
 3 And his sons walked not in his ways, but turned aside after lucre, and took bribes, and perverted judgment.
 4 Then all the elders of Israel gathered themselves together, and came to Samuel unto Ramah,
 5 And said unto him, Behold, thou art old, and thy sons walk not in thy ways: now make us a king to judge us like all the nations.
 6 But the thing displeased Samuel, when they said, Give us a king to judge us. And Samuel prayed unto the LORD.
 7 And the LORD said unto Samuel, Hearken unto the voice of the people in all that they say unto thee: for they have not rejected thee, but they have rejected me, that I should not reign over them.
 8 According to all the works which they have done since the day that I brought them up out of Egypt even unto this day, wherewith they have forsaken me, and served other gods, so do they also unto thee.
 9 Now therefore hearken unto their voice: howbeit yet protest solemnly unto them, and shew them the manner of the king that shall reign over them.
 10 And Samuel told all the words of the LORD unto the people that asked of him a king.
 11 And he said, This will be the manner of the king that shall reign over you: He will take your sons, and appoint them for himself, for his chariots, and to be his horsemen; and some shall run before his chariots.
 12 And he will appoint him captains over thousands, and captains over fifties; and will set them to ear his ground, and to reap his harvest, and to make his instruments of war, and instruments of his chariots.
 13 And he will take your daughters to be confectionaries, and to be cooks, and to be bakers.
 14 And he will take your fields, and your vineyards, and your oliveyards, even the best of them, and give them to his servants.
 15 And he will take the tenth of your seed, and of your vineyards, and give to his officers, and to his servants.
 16 And he will take your menservants, and your maidservants, and your goodliest young men, and your asses, and put them to his work.
 17 He will take the tenth of your sheep: and ye shall be his servants.
 18 And ye shall cry out in that day because of your king which ye shall have chosen you; and the LORD will not hear you in that day.
 19 Nevertheless the people refused to obey the voice of Samuel; and they said, Nay; but we will have a king over us;
 20 That we also may be like all the nations; and that our king may judge us, and go out before us, and fight our battles.
 21 And Samuel heard all the words of the people, and he rehearsed them in the ears of the LORD.
 22 And the LORD said to Samuel, Hearken unto their voice, and make them a king. And Samuel said unto the men of Israel, Go ye every man unto his city.


March 18, 2010


Blessings Folk!!

Pray today for…
  • Berta, medical procedure
  • Lynn, recovering from surgery, infection

We are drawing to the end of our brief examination of David’s song of praise found in 2 Samuel 22/Psalm 18.

Yesterday we saw that David thanked the Lord for victory over enemies.

Read this verse.
Who is the “thorn in David’s flesh”?

2 Samuel 
44 Thou also hast delivered me from the strivings of my people, thou hast kept me to be head of the heathen: a people which I knew not shall serve me.

The Lord had delivered David from his enemies.
The Lord had also delivered David from the “strivings of my people.”

David was attacked from without by the enemy.
David dealt with strivings from within from his own people.

So it is with us.

Often the greatest source of stress, distraction, etc. comes from our “own people.”

This should not be, especially within the Body of Christ.

Believers are told to love, be forbearing, encourage, exhort.

David then tells us that the Lord has exalted him as head over heathen people.
People who he “knew not” served him.

2 Samuel 
45 Strangers shall submit themselves unto me: as soon as they hear, they shall be obedient unto me.
 46 Strangers shall fade away, and they shall be afraid out of their close places.
 47 The LORD liveth; and blessed be my rock; and exalted be the God of the rock of my salvation.
 48 It is God that avengeth me, and that bringeth down the people under me.
 49 And that bringeth me forth from mine enemies: thou also hast lifted me up on high above them that rose up against me: thou hast delivered me from the violent man.

This is what we must know.

It is God that avengeth us.
It is God that brings us forth from our enemies.
It is God that delivers us from the violent.

Throughout this song David proclaims that all that has occurred is by the hand of God.

Let us live in like manner.


"The Enemy"

March 17, 2010

“The Enemy”

Blessings Folk!!

The Lord had done/was doing great things in and through David.

Read the previous postings to see…

David especially rejoiced over the fact that the Lord gave him victory over his enemies.

Hear the Word of praise unto the Lord…

2 Samuel 22 
38 I have pursued mine enemies, and destroyed them; and turned not again until I had consumed them.
 39 And I have consumed them, and wounded them, that they could not arise: yea, they are fallen under my feet.
 40 For thou hast girded me with strength to battle: them that rose up against me hast thou subdued under me.
 41 Thou hast also given me the necks of mine enemies, that I might destroy them that hate me.
 42 They looked, but there was none to save; even unto the LORD, but he answered them not.
 43 Then did I beat them as small as the dust of the earth, I did stamp them as the mire of the street, and did spread them abroad.

The Lord strengthened David for battle.
The Lord subdued the enemy under the feet of David.

Look what David did to the enemy…

  • pursued
  • destroyed
  • consumed
  • wounded
  • destroyed
  • beat them as small as the dust of the earth
  • stamped them as mire in the street
  • spread them abroad

The enemy even sought the Lord to save them, but He answered them not.

What does this say to us?

The Lord is victorious over our enemy, especially the Prince of Darkness and his minions.

Therefore, we are to respond as David did...we will see that later.

We are to trust the Lord for our defense.
Yes, we are to be obedient in that which the Lord leads.

We must not forget that our strength and victory is in the Lord alone.

Who were the enemy?

Obviously those who were not of Israel, but, the enemy was not limited to that…”they looked...even unto the Lord”...more on this later.

As for today, stand in the strength of the Lord.

He is Victory!


"He Who"

March 15, 2010

“He Who”

Blessings Folk!

We continue to rejoice in the Lord through the song of David found in 2 Samuel 22/Psalm 18.

David speaks of what the Lord had empowered him to do…

2 Samuel 22    
30 "For by You I can run upon a troop;
         By my God I can leap over a wall.

The Lord was the source of victory that David had over his enemies.
The Lord enabled David to run upon and over the enemy.
The Lord released physical vigor to defeat the enemy.
Through the Lord, David could leap over a wall...and you through Superman was first?

The Lord does the same for us.

Is the enemy coming against you?
Do you feel as if there is nothing you can do?

The Lord will strengthen.
The Lord will give you victory.
The Lord will set you free.

Ps 118:10-14
10 All nations surrounded me; In the name of the Lord I will surely cut them off.
11 They surrounded me, yes, they surrounded me; In the name of the Lord I will surely cut them off.
12 They surrounded me like bees; They were extinguished as a fire of thorns; In the name of the Lord I will surely cut them off.
13 You pushed me violently so that I was falling, But the Lord helped me.
14 The Lord is my strength and song, And He has become my salvation.

Remember this about the Lord…

2 Samuel 22    
31 "As for God, His way is blameless;
         The word of the LORD is tested;
         He is a shield to all who take refuge in Him.
    32 "For who is God, besides the LORD?
         And who is a rock, besides our God?
    33 "God is my strong fortress;
         And He sets the blameless in His way.
    34 "He makes my feet like hinds' feet,
         And sets me on my high places.
    35 "He trains my hands for battle,
         So that my arms can bend a bow of bronze.
    36 "You have also given me the shield of Your salvation,
         And Your help makes me great.
    37 "You enlarge my steps under me,
         And my feet have not slipped.

I always find it useful to list what the Word says.

Stand firm today in these truths…

The Lord is…

  • blameless
  • tested
  • a shield to all who take refuge
  • our Rock
  • our Strong Fortress
  • He Who sets the blameless on His way
  • He Who makes our feet like hinds’ feet
  • He Who set us on high places
  • He Who trains our hands for battle
  • He Who has given us the shield of His salvation
  • He Who makes us great
  • He Who enlarges our steps
  • He Who does not allow our feet to slip.

Therefore, fear not.
Stand strong and firm in the Lord.

Rom 8:37
37 But in all these things we overwhelmingly conquer through Him who loved us.

Phil 4:13
13 I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.

Pray for our friend Steve…
Also, for the Johnston family in the homegoing of their father, Glenn.

"...in His eye sight"

March 9, 2010

“...in His eye sight.”

Blessings Folk!

The Lord delighted in David.

David was a man whose heart was after God. The Lord said this.

David pursued the Lord with all his heart, mind, soul and strength.

This does not mean that David was perfect. Far from it.

These verses from 2 Samuel 22 give some amazing insight into repentance and forgiveness.

Remember, David had sinned.

He had taken another man’s wife.
He had lied.
He manipulated his men.
He murdered.

Yet, when confronted by the prophet…

2 Samuel 12:7
And Nathan said to David, Thou art the man.

when his heart was move…

2 Samuel 24:10
And David's heart smote him after that he had numbered the people. And David said unto the LORD, I have sinned greatly in that I have done: and now, I beseech thee, O LORD, take away the iniquity of thy servant; for I have done very foolishly.

David confessed, repented and received the forgiveness of the Lord.

To what “degree” did he receive?

Crazy question?

Well, you see, there is a problem within the Body of Christ.

So many will readily believe that God forgives.
So many will confess and repent, but then will turn around and say something along the line of “God forgave me, but I can’t forgive myself.”

This is nothing more than the lie of the enemy.

“Can’t forgive myself” is simple psuedo-humility.
It is pride.
It is spiritual arrogance.
It is the ultimate in narcissistic hubris.
It is actually exalting yourself above God.
To know that God forgives, yet refusing to live in that forgiveness is disobedience to the Lord.
It is placing yourself above God.
Humm...sounds like what Lucifer did…
I will, I will, I will, I will, I will...

David knew this and refused to reject the forgiveness of the Lord.

He received it totally, fully and without reservation.

He rebuffed the fiery darts of the enemy that draw questions into the mind.

David knew God forgave him.
He declared it.

These verses are to be understood within this context - the context of a sinner who has received the forgiveness of the Lord.

Now, give close attention to what David says of himself…

2 Samuel 22
 21 The LORD rewarded me according to my righteousness: according to the cleanness of my hands hath he recompensed me.
 22 For I have kept the ways of the LORD, and have not wickedly departed from my God.
 23 For all his judgments were before me: and as for his statutes, I did not depart from them.
 24 I was also upright before him, and have kept myself from mine iniquity.
 25 Therefore the LORD hath recompensed me according to my righteousness; according to my cleanness in his eye sight.

Amazing is it not.

I suspect that this boldness in forgiveness makes many uncomfortable.

David declared that the Lord had…

  • rewarded me according to my righteousness
  • recompensed me according to the cleanness of my hands
  • recompensed me according to my righteousness; according to my cleanness in His eye sight

Since God viewed David as clean, David viewed himself as such.

Therefore, he declared…
  • I have kept the ways of the Lord
  • I have not wickedly departed from God
  • I have not departed from his judgments and statutes

Did David sin?


But, he sought and received the forgiveness of the Lord, then pressed on.

He gave not room for the enemy.

We are to do likewise.

Seek the Lord.
He is to be found.

Live in the forgiveness He grants, giving no arena to the equivocation of the flesh.

Forgiveness is of the Lord...simply His grace and mercy.
Undeserved by an action we can exhibit.

Let us agree with what the Lord has done in David and our lives.

I am righteous.
I am clean.
I am forgiven.
The Lord will reward me accordingly…

Now, give thanks to the Lord.


March 8, 2010


Blessings Folk!!

A quick recap.

We have been examining a song of David found in 2 Samuel 22/Psalm 18.

To this point we have seen…

God was/is David’s and our…
  • Rock
  • Fortress
  • Deliverer
  • Shield
  • Horn of Salvation
  • High Tower
  • Refuge
  • Savior

David called/cried unto the Lord…
  • when waves of death compassed him
  • floods of ungodly men made him afraid
  • sorrows of hell compassed about him
  • snares of death prevented him

David, in distress…
  • praised the Lord
  • called upon the Lord
  • cried out unto the Lord

We saw God’s response…
  • heard David’s voice
  • earth shook
  • foundations of heaven trembled
  • God was wroth
  • smoke out His nostrils
  • fire out of His mouth
  • He bowed the heavens and came down
  • Darkness under His feet
  • He rode upon a cherub and did fly
  • He was seen on the wings of the wind
  • Lord thundered from heaven
  • Most High uttered His voice
  • Sent arrows and scattered the enemy
  • Sent lightning and discomfited them
  • Channels of the sea appeared
  • foundations of the world were discovered, at the rebuking of the Lord
  • He sent from above and took David
  • He drew David out of many waters
  • He delivered David from his strong enemies and from those who hated him...an enemy too strong
  • He was David’s stay
  • He brought David into a large place
  • He delivered David…

All this we have seen.

Do you believe that the Lord will do the same for you?
Do you believe that the Lord will literally move and shake creation?

He will.

All this leads to one amazing phrase in the Word.

Why did God do all this for David?

David tells us.

2 Samuel 22 
20 He brought me forth also into a large place: he delivered me, because he delighted in me.

The Lord did all this because He delighted in David.

It was nothing that David did to earn.
The Lord delighted in Him

It was not negated because of the sin in David’s life.
Yes. David had sin grievously, yet he sought and received forgiveness.
The Lord delighted in Him.

Later we will see what effect this had in David’s life.
It is something that is absolutely needed within the Body today…

As for today, receive and rejoice in this one truth.

The Lord delights in you!

If you are a Believer He really, really delights in you.

Zepheniah 3
   17 The LORD your God is among you,
    a warrior who
He will rejoice over you with gladness.
He will bring [you] quietness with His love.
He will delight in you with shouts of joy."

If you are not a Believer, He is calling and desire for you to be restored to Him… the chains of sin and death to be broken. How?

1 Corinthians 6 
9 Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals,
 10 nor thieves, nor the covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers, will inherit the kingdom of God.
 11 Such were some of you; but you were washed, but you were sanctified, but you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and in the Spirit of our God.

Call upon the name of the Lord and be saved.

And watch what the Lord will do.

Pray today especially for:

Spradlin family: home-going of Mary Nell...a God-fearing saint who was/is the model of the spirit-filled life

Waters and Hodge family in the home-going of matriarchs.

Pray also for these… http://www.dalemoore.tv/page9/page9.html

We are beginning a new Bible study series and course this week.

The “Kings and Prophets” series consists of 10 courses where we will examine the Kings and Prophets in the Old Testament.

The first course is “A Divided Heart/A Divided Nation”. We will start on the homework this week, covering lesson one for class time next week.

If you are local, join us in class.
If you are distant or can not come to class, join us online.
We have more than 140+ folk participating online in some form or fashion.
Some have procured the workbook and are studying along with us.
Others are lurking and learning. Happy
Each week a quick (under 10 minutes) video synopsis of the lesson is provided.

Workbook - http://tinyurl.com/y8tghsq
Online Group - http://tinyurl.com/yk6f5om
Videos - http://www.dalemoore.tv

Anyway, y’all come!


''Shak'n Heaven and Earth"

March 5, 2010

“Shak’n Heaven and Earth”

Blessings Folk!!

We continue through the song that David wrote...found in 2 Samuel 22...same song is Psalm 18.

To this point we have seen that David declared Who the Lord was…his Rock, Refuge, Salvation, etc.

We have seen that David called upon/cried out to the Lord.

We have seen that the Lord heard David’s cry.

Today we see how the Lord responded.

9 "Smoke went up out of His nostrils,
         Fire from His mouth devoured;
         Coals were kindled by it.
    10 "He bowed the heavens also, and came down
         With thick darkness under His feet.
    11 "And He rode on a cherub and flew;
         And He appeared on the wings of the wind.
    12 "And He made darkness canopies around Him,
         A mass of waters, thick clouds of the sky.
    13 "From the brightness before Him
         Coals of fire were kindled.
    14 "The LORD thundered from heaven,
         And the Most High uttered His voice.
    15 "And He sent out arrows, and scattered them,
         Lightning, and routed them.
    16"Then the channels of the sea appeared,
         The foundations of the world were laid bare
         By the rebuke of the LORD,
         At the blast of the breath of His nostrils.
    17 "He sent from on high, He took me;
         He drew me out of many waters.
    18 "He delivered me from my strong enemy,
         From those who hated me, for they were too strong for me.
    19 "They confronted me in the day of my calamity,
         But the LORD was my support.
    20 "He also brought me forth into a broad place;
         He rescued me,...

The Lord literally shook heaven and earth in response to David’s cry.

The Lord will use His creation in response to the cry of His people.

We know that the Lord sent stones from heaven to fight for His people…

Joshua 10:11
As they fled from before Israel, while they were at the descent of Beth-horon, the LORD threw large stones from heaven on them as far as Azekah, and they died; there were more who died from the hailstones than those whom the sons of Israel killed with the sword.

We know that the Lord directed the wood to devour….

2 Samuel 18:8
For the battle there was spread over the whole countryside, and the forest devoured more people that day than the sword devoured.

We know that the sound of marching was in the canopy of the trees as the Lord went before them…

2 Samuel 5:24
"It shall be, when you hear the sound of marching in the tops of the balsam trees, then you shall act promptly, for then the LORD will have gone out before you to strike the army of the Philistines."

We know the LORD routed the enemies armies with confusion via thunder…

1 Samuel 7:10 Now Samuel was offering up the burnt offering, and the Philistines drew near to battle against Israel. But the LORD thundered with a great thunder on that day against the Philistines and confused them, so that they were routed before Israel.

David was abundantly aware that it was the Lord who had delivered him.
It was the Lord who rescued him.
It was the Lord who was his support and brought him into a peaceful...a broad...place.

Why did the Lord do this?
That we will see tomorrow. Happy Happy
You will be amazed.

For today, rejoice!

The Lord desires to rescue you from your enemies.
The Lord desires to “do battle” for you.
The Lord is our Refuge, Shield, Deliverer, Protector, Savior, Provider.

His eyes are looking to do such…

2 Chron 16:9
9 For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to shew himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward him.

Let us quit seeking our own deliverance.
Let us trust the Lord.

Again, I say, “Rejoice!”


Our local Bible study is nearing completion of 2 Samuel.

We will immediately begin a new series called “Kings and Prophets”.
The first course is called “A Divided Heart/A Divided Nation” and covers 1 Kings 1-15:8 and 2 Chronicles 1-13.

Join us.

If local, come to class.
If distant, online.

All info can be found on our Facebook page - http://tinyurl.com/yk6f5om
Also, several past studies can be found online - http://www.dalemoore.tv

"Call and Cry..."

March 4, 2010

“Call and Cry…”

Blessings Folk!!

Be certain that you have read yesterday’s post.
We saw that David declared that the Lord is his/our…

  • Rock
  • Fortress
  • Deliverer
  • Shield
  • Horn of Salvation
  • High Tower
  • Refuge
  • Savior

David declared elements of Who the Lord is.

Read the following and note…

  • What David did?
  • How he did it?
  • To Whom?
  • David’s circumstance
  • The response?

2 Sam 22:4-7
4 I will call on the Lord , who is worthy to be praised: so shall I be saved from mine enemies.
5 When the waves of death compassed me, the floods of ungodly men made me afraid;
6 The sorrows of hell compassed me about; the snares of death prevented me;
7 In my distress I called upon the Lord , and cried to my God: and he did hear my voice out of his temple, and my cry did enter into his ears.

  • What David did?
David called upon the Lord.
David cried out to the Lord.

  • How he did it?
David called with his voice.
David cried out with his voice

  • To Whom?
David called/cried out to the Lord
The Lord Who is worthy to be praised.

  • David’s circumstance
Apparently extreme
Waves of death compassed him
Floods of ungodly men made him afraid
Sorrows of hell compasses about him
Snares of death confronted him

Give heed to the intensity of the imagery.
Have you ever felt that way?
Waves of death
Floods of ungodly men instilling fear
Sorrows of hell
Snares of death

  • The response?
First, David’s response was to call upon the Lord in the midst of the distress.
He cried out to the Lord
David trusted to be saved from his enemies by the hand of God.
He realized the the Lord is the source of salvation. Oh that we might realize this.

Next, God heard.
From the midst of His Presence the Lord heard the cry of distress from David.
The cry came into His ears.

We will see later the response of the Lord.

For today, call upon the Lord.
Regardless of situation or circumstance, call upon the Lord.
Trust in the Lord alone.
He is worthy of praise. Praise Him...even now.

He hears.
He will give heed.
He will respond.

Be certain to pray for those on the Prayer List


"Lord, You are..."

March 3, 2010

“Lord, You are…”

Blessings Folk!

Finally got the computer back and up-n-running.


Still taking some tweaking, but things are much better.

Same with phone.

Upgraded to a new one...can not beat the price, $0.

Of course, it had some kinda of problem...believe it is fixed now.

Then, there was a couple of software issues...they are resolved.

Just the little thorns in our digital world.

There is a portion of Scripture that we have studied lately. It continues to resonate deep within...thought I’d share some on it.

Gonna just give little bites...a little every day.

Allow the Lord to speak to you.

The passage is 2 Samuel 22.

Note the following as you read….

  • What is this portion of Scripture?
  • Who wrote/spoke it?
  • To whom?
  • When?
  • What is the truth proclaimed?

Ok. Got all the questions? Happy

2 Sam 22:1-3
1 And David spake unto the Lord the words of this song in the day that the Lord had delivered him out of the hand of all his enemies, and out of the hand of Saul:
2 And he said, The Lord is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer;
3 The God of my rock; in him will I trust: he is my shield, and the horn of my salvation, my high tower, and my refuge, my saviour; thou savest me from violence.


  • What is this portion of Scripture?
A Song

  • Who wrote/spoke it?
David, the King

  • To whom?
The Lord

  • When?
When the Lord had given David peace from his enemies and Saul
I believe there is a nuance of distinction here. David did not consider Saul an enemy. Saul was the anointed of God...though he caused David great trouble.

  • What is the truth proclaimed?
The truth is…

  • The Lord is my Rock
  • The Lord is my Fortress
  • The Lord is my Deliverer
  • The Lord is my Shield
  • The Lord is my Salvation
  • The Lord is my High Tower
  • The Lord is my Refuge
  • The Lord is my Savior
  • The Lord saves me from violence

In Him will I trust.

Can you say this?
Do you say this?
Do you live this?
Do you trust in man or in God?

Most would say “in God”, but their lives would reflect that their faith, hope and trust reside in man, especially the political and religious mechanizations of man.

We will continue later...line upon line...precept upon precept…

Read on if you can not wait… Happy Happy

You will be amazed at what we are about to learn.

In the meantime, be certain that you can proclaim what David did.

If you can not, go before the Lord.

He will change you!

Take a moment and pray each of these truths as a point of declaration, proclamation and rejoicing before the Lord.

Lord, You are my Rock!
Lord, You are my Fortress!
Lord, You are…