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The Word: Episode 1253 Nisan 14

“Nisan 14”

April 8, 2020

“Nisan 14”

Blessings folk!

Time for the yearly reminder (rant?).

Today is Wednesday, April 8, Nisan 14 in the Hebrew calendar.
(Unless I’m mistaken, “our” calendar and the Hebrew calendar align this year with the week that Jesus died&hellipWinking

Leviticus tells us this…

Lev 23:5
‘In the first month, on the fourteenth day of the month at twilight is the LORD’S Passover.

“At twilight” means “between the evening”…literally 3 pm.

Nisan 14 was the “day of preparation” for the Passover meal.
The lamb was killed at 3 pm.
The meal was prepared.
They sat down to eat the meal…at sunset.
At sunset a new day began…remember, the day begins at sunset in the Hebrew calendar.
Nisan 15 begins.
Nisan 15 is the first day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread - a High Day, a holy convocation day, a sabbath day.

Lev 23:6-7
‘Then on the fifteenth day of the same month there is the Feast of Unleavened Bread to the LORD; for seven days you shall eat unleavened bread.

‘On the first day you shall have a holy convocation; you shall not do any laborious work.

Jesus is our Passover Lamb.

1Co 5:7b
…For Christ our Passover also has been sacrificed.

Here is the correct sequence of events according to the Word…

Jesus died at 3 p.m. on Wednesday, Nisan 14.
He had to be taken off the cross because at sunset a new day began, a sabbath day.
Not the weekly sabbath.
The holy convocation of the first day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread.

John 19:14
Now it was the day of preparation for the Passover;
it was about the sixth hour.
And he said to the Jews, “Behold, your King!”

 John 19:31
Then the Jews, because it was the day of preparation, so that the bodies would not remain on the cross on the Sabbath (for that Sabbath was a high day), asked Pilate that their legs might be broken, and that they might be taken away.

 John 19:42
Therefore because of the Jewish day of preparation,
since the tomb was nearby, they laid Jesus there.

Evening/morning - Nisan 15 (Thu)
Evening/morning - Nisan 16 (Fri)
Evening morning - Nisan 17 (Sat)
Evening…Nisan 18 begins…Sunday, the Lord was resurrected at some time prior to the women finding the tomb empty just before dawn.

It is as Jesus said…

Mat 12:39-40
But He answered and said to them,
“An evil and adulterous generation craves for a sign;
and yet no sign will be given to it but the sign of Jonah the prophet;

for just as JONAH WAS THREE DAYS AND THREE NIGHTS IN THE BELLY OF THE SEA MONSTER, so will the Son of Man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth.

Three days.
Three nights.
Not “portions thereof” as many try to teach.

Why is this important?
Well, we do not separate fellowship over such.
But, it is important.
Why not be accurate?
Why not be correct?
People have questions.
People are curious.
If we are not willing to learn and then provide the truth over a simple, clear matter of timing, why will they listen to us about other things?

I have had folk get really bent out of shape about this.
Such should not be.
Go ahead.
Have all the various man-made gatherings to remember the various occurrences of the last week of the Lord in corporeal existence upon the earth.
It will do you no harm.

But, know the truth.
None of these gatherings/remembrances are mandates by the Word or the Lord…only by man.
Know that the timing of the last week - and there are many, many elements - confirms that which the Lord had given to His people through the ages.

And remember this…

In the same way that He fulfilled every prophetic element about His first coming, He will fulfill the Word related to His coming again.

The Lord gives us much insight and understanding.

Let us learn the Truth.
Fear not!

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The Word: Episode 1252 2 Kings 2:15-23

“Know. Serve. Seek."

April 7, 2020

“Know. Serve. Seek."

Blessings folk!

Are you walking in faith?
Or, are you walking in fear?

Are you faithful?
Are you fear-filled?

Fear not!

Repeatedly the Lord tells us.
Repeatedly the Lord told His people, particularly leadership.

Look at this account…it will take us a couple of days.

The short of it is this.

David wanted to build a house unto the Lord.
The Lord told him “no”, but that he could gather material for it.
The Lord then told David that one of his sons would build it.

By the time we get to the end of the account we will see that David told the son, Solomon, to be courageous and to fear not.

Why fear in building a structure?
There will alway be those that seek to come against you.

Fear not…

1Ch 28:1-10

Now David assembled at Jerusalem all the officials of Israel, the princes of the tribes, and the commanders of the divisions that served the king, and the commanders of thousands, and the commanders of hundreds, and the overseers of all the property and livestock belonging to the king and his sons, with the officials and the mighty men, even all the valiant men.

Then King David rose to his feet and said,
“Listen to me, my brethren and my people;
I had intended to build a permanent home for the ark of the covenant of the LORD and for the footstool of our God. So I had made preparations to build it.

“But God said to me,
‘You shall not build a house for My name because you are a man of war and have shed blood.’

“Yet, the LORD, the God of Israel, chose me from all the house of my father to be king over Israel forever. For He has chosen Judah to be a leader; and in the house of Judah, my father’s house, and among the sons of my father He took pleasure in me to make me king over all Israel.

“Of all my sons (for the LORD has given me many sons),
He has chosen my son Solomon to sit on the throne of the kingdom of the LORD over Israel.

“He said to me,
‘Your son Solomon is the one who shall build My house and My courts;
for I have chosen him to be a son to Me, and I will be a father to him.

‘I will establish his kingdom forever if he resolutely performs My commandments and My ordinances, as is done now.’

“So now, in the sight of all Israel, the assembly of the LORD, and in the hearing of our God, observe and seek after all the commandments of the LORD your God so that you may possess the good land and bequeath it to your sons after you forever.

“As for you, my son Solomon,
know the God of your father,
and serve Him with a whole heart and a willing mind;
for the LORD searches all hearts,
and understands every intent of the thoughts.
If you seek Him, He will let you find Him;
but if you forsake Him, He will reject you forever.

“Consider now, for the LORD has chosen you to build a house for the sanctuary;
be courageous and act.”

Learn from this instruction to Solomon…
Know the Lord
Serve Him with a whole heart
Serve Him with a willing mind
Seek Him - He will let you find Him
Forsake Him? He will reject you forever

The Lord searches all hearts!
The Lord understands every intent of the thoughts of man.

Be courageous!

(BTW…note how David knew/knows that he would rule as king over Israel forever&hellipWinking

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