January 6, 2013


Blessings Folk!

Today’s synoptic gospel reading is from Matthew 1:2-17 and Luke 3:23-38.


Too often folk just “blow through” the varied genealogies of the Word.
This is a mistake.
They are there for a reason, a purpose.

Here we see that Jesus had the earthly, genealogical qualifications that was expected of Messiah.

He also has the heavenly, genealogical qualifications. Happy

One also see some intriguing phrases that confirm some things…
  • Jesus was the son (as was supposed) of Joseph. “As was supposed”? People assumed. They did not believe the account of Mary. Later on we will see that the religious leaders held this against Jesus. Called him illegitimate.
  • The Luke passage traces Jesus’ genealogy back to Adam, then calls Adam the son of God. Hummmm.
  • There are several timing elements in the passages - 14 generations, deportation to Babylon (before and after)

Matthew is revealing Jesus as Messiah to a Jewish audience. His genealogy supports this.

Luke is more oriented around all mankind...therefore tracing back to “son of God.”

In all this we see the Lord’s hand and plan.

Likewise, He has a plan for us and our “genealogy” - past, present, future.

Let us work His plan.