"Your Petition Has Been Heard"

December 17, 2106

“Your Petition Has Been Heard”

Blessings folk!

Zacharias was offering prayer/incense before the Lord in the temple.
He was doing so in his official, priestly role on behalf of the people of the Lord.
An angel suddenly and unexpectedly appeared before Zacharias.
Zacharias was troubled.
Fear gripped him.

Hear the Word of the Lord through the angel…

Luk 1:13

But the angel said to him, “Do not be afraid, Zacharias, for your petition has been heard, and your wife Elizabeth will bear you a son, and you will give him the name John.

What petition?
When was it voiced?

Zacharias and Elizabeth were barren.
They had petitioned the Lord for a child…likely many years before.
Yet, they were still childless.
Now there was no hope…they were beyond child-bearing age…as we will see.

Still, the angel states the petition had been heard.

They now would have a son.
They were to name him John.

A valuable lesson for us in this moment.
We pray expecting immediate response from the Lord.
Expectancy and faith is good.
Presumption is not.
We are to pray, trusting the timing and purpose of the Lord.

Zacharias was about to learn much about his son.

What would Zacharias’ response be?
We will see.

For now, fear not what the Lord is doing in your life.
Wait upon the Lord.
Trust in the Lord.
Rejoice in the Lord and the work of His hand.