“The Contentions of My People”

November 8, 2018

“The Contentions of My People”

Blessings folk!

David continues his song of thanks and praise to the Lord.

The Lord had delivered David from his enemies.

The Lord also delivered David from another group…

2 Sa 22:44-46

“You have also delivered me from the contentions of my people;
You have kept me as head of the nations;
A people whom I have not known serve me.

“Foreigners pretend obedience to me;
As soon as they hear, they obey me.

“Foreigners lose heart,
And come trembling out of their fortresses.

The Lord delivered David from the contentions of his own people.
Enemies without.
Enemies within.

“Contentions” refers to strife, quarrels, disputes, controversies and the like.

The Lord was the one who kept David is the position of leadership - leader over the nation.

David acknowledges that there are people not known to him who now serve him.
People who were not “his” people.
They “pretend obedience” to David.
When David speaks, they jump to obedience.

Foreigners lose heart at the sight of David and his people.
They come out of their fortresses trembling.
They surrender and submit to David.

All by the hand of the Lord.
All by the power of the Lord.
All by the might of the Lord.
The Lord does it all.

David knew this.
This is the source of his song of praise.

Do we know?
Do we rejoice likewise?